Sunday, February 24, 2008

Spring Night, Ink

Haiku: One Deep Breath, Prompt 89 theme: Ink

1. Tanka with digital art

how could I help it—
escaping with the spring moon
on this quilted night

somewhere a slow, shifting sound
and ink melts, slips over stone

DW Bender
untitled tanka 2000

2. 2 Haiku


spring nightfall
ink melts
over stone

tombée du jour
l'encre fond
sur la pierre


back and forth
grinding ink slowly
the weight of my words

allant et venant
broyant l'encre lentement
le poids de mes mots

DW Bender, 2000
untitled haiku
published in Temps Libres/Free Times, 'Favorites'
Translated by Serge Tomé, Belgium


spacedlaw said...

Love that tanka!

tumblewords said...

Lovely work!

Andrée said...

Stories flowing naturally, so that you couldn't help but write them down. That is what I see happens to Michael when he writes. The poetry, the photography: it is all so beautiful. Our submission can be found here. Thank you for visiting.

paisley said...

you have thrice outdone yourself!!! every one a gem... the whol eink melting over stone for the eclipse is brilliant...

UL said...

Deb, this is beautiful...very nice imagery.

watermaid said...

Although the tanka is beautiful, I love the intensity of the haiku.

qualcosa di bello said...

the thought of ink grinding under the weight of words really captures me.

jem said...

Very sensual. A strong sense of a person connected to their surroundings.

Colorful Prose said...

The tanka is absolutely gorgeous! Love it's slippery feeling.

Crafty Green Poet said...

wonderful imagery in here.

Ackworth Born said...

just a quick note here [before I head off to the dentist for a tooth extraction] to say thanks for supporting myself and Juliet [aka crafty green poet] on the One Single Impression site - I think we may have woken them up - time will tell.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I see Ackworth Born got here before me! You made some good points on One Single Impression. I do think it's important that the prompt is open to anyone who is interested in haiku at whatever level and I wouldn't want beginners to be discouraged. At the same time, good links to respected haiku sites are vital so that the prompt can retain credibility with experienced haiku poets. Many One Deep Breath poets as you pointed out are amateurs, but most are willing to learn and extend themselves. I've had haiku published in respected haiku journals but would still consider myself to be learning. Thanks for extending the discussion on One Single Impression, lets hope it makes a difference.

By the way, I link to One Single Impression under Prompts rather than Haiku.

Andrée said...

Hi again, Debi! You are added to the blogroll. Thank you very much! I look forward to more of your beautiful art (poetic and visual) next week.

Debi Bender said...

Hi, poetry friends. Thank you for the comments! I won't be able to post comments on your ink series, but will resume, I hope, with the first OSI prompt. And will enjoy reading your ink poems next week. Getting ready to visit dad-in-law, out of town for a few days. -Debi

AnnieElf said...

beautiful homage to the lunar eclipse.

Debi Bender said...

Thank you, annieelf.